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Need a good writer?

A trained journalist can support you by providing great content and access to your audience. They can also offer media and communications training. They can give you insight into the day to day life of a journalist, and how to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

With experience in the UK, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Singapore, I've trained executives from start-ups, family-run businesses, global organisations and the military.

I trained as a news journalist, working on regional weekly and daily newspapers. As a freelancer I've written for The Telegraph (London), Financial Times (UK), Tourism and Travel News (UAE), Outdoor UAE and The National (UAE), Post Magazine (Asia), as well as various travel, expat and lifestyle magazines and websites.

For an insight into my published work, please click here.

Top tips for working with a journalist

  1. Research: Find journalists and bloggers that share your target audience.

  2. Be sociable: Look at how active they are on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.

  3. Drop them a line: A good journalist will also be looking for stories they can pitch to publications.

  4. Develop a relationship: Work out a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Remember: Not all coverage will be positive and perfect. If you want complete control, you need to pay for advertising, which is less credible.

Positive, third-party credibility comes from positive relationships.

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Communications Training

Tailored training courses are ideal for SMEs who want to communicate effectively with their clients and potential customers. Delegates will learn about developing objectives and messages, as well as delivery techniques. Courses include: 

Media training 101

Winning business through effective communications

Understanding the media

PR skills 101

Writing skills

Communications strategy

Introduction to social media

Crisis communications

Presentations skills


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