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I get excited about sharing great content. I believe in reaching customers through engagement, by building a community, by creating a value-added journey. 

Essentially, I'm fighting to pull businesses down from their soap boxes by moving marketing away from “send” only. Two-way dialogue is much more fun.

Engage first, inform second.

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Content Marketing

We're not talking about filling pages with words. 

We're talking about understanding how content will be received and used by an audience.

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Why work with a journalist? Should content engage or inform? Is it a value-exchange?  

To find out more read my article on the three steps of engagement.

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Case study

A travel and expat content-led project, designed to partner and collaborate with insurers, relocators, hotels, tour operators, banks, etc. to help them engage, and build relationships, with a niche audience. 

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Portfolio & services

With a career in journalism, public relations and marketing, I have a full communications skills set to enable me to work in any market. I specialise in business, insurance, defence, travel, expat issues and interior design

Strategic direction

Content marketing

Campaign planning and project management 

Relationship and community development

Communications training

Journalism, copy writing and editing

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