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The theory:

What's the main principles of content marketing? 

1. Understand your consumers. What are they interested in? How can you reach them? 

2. Develop a theme, or a story. Take readers on a journey. This helps the creation of multi-platform content.

3. Make sure all content is value-led. This is not a sales pitch. Nurture discussion with customers based on content: this makes brand recall higher and referrals/ sales conversions more likely.

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In practice:

Three top tips to get started....

1. Make sure you’re producing something worthwhile - Valuable content, something of quality. Get your customers’ attention – engage.

2. Make sure what you produce is sharable. You want customers to pass on your information by reposting, retweeting.

3. Be consistent – keep it up. Don’t stop. You’ve started a relationship. You can’t just walk away from it without damaging your reputation.

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