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What is content-led marketing?

It can take many forms; digital material, written material, video. It's the tone and the aim of the material that's important.

Content marketing is like a jigsaw: it takes many pieces to build a full picture. 

You can produce ad hoc materials, a brochure here, a leaflet there, and the results will be ad hoc. By putting jigsaw pieces together, we can take readers on a journey, and build a complete picture.

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Expat Explorers is an example of how to build a travel and expat community, designed to engage readers with travel ideas, insights and inspiration.

It's a self-contained community project that can be developed for a number of businesses, including the travel health industry; travel/ expat insurance; expat services: financial, relocation; travel industry: hotel chains, tour providers, travel agents.

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People don't like being sold to. It's too direct, and in a world where we are being bombarded with information, enhanced by technology, we filter things very quickly, making snap judgements.

Information that is relevant and useful, without being overly commercial, is likely to get through some of these filters. 

This is the start of a relationship that creates a value exchange. Readers make a decision to engage, or not, depending on how useful the material is, on the understanding that further communication with you is likely down the road

For a consultation on a content-led community project that would suit your business please drop me a line.


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